"Mr. Whited visited our school to discuss the issue of Bullying with our students in grades K to 6. He did an excellent job with the presentation and was able to relate to the students very well. The presentation was done in a professional manner and Mr. Whited was able to hold the students' attention throughout the presentation. Barron Whited is an excellent presenter and I would highly recommend him for future presentations." - Wayland Heath, Elementary Principal at Tussey Mountain School District


"Barron was great. We had great communication. He was wonderful with the students and got down to their age level. The students enjoyed him and the teachers thought he did a wonderful job. The Saxton Liberty PTA asked him to speak with our students against bullying. I am the PTA president and I was also the chair person for this program. We tied it in with Red Ribbon Week. We would def. have him back for another presentation." - Chris Park, PTA President of Saxton Liberty School District

"Barron provided excellent training, speaking and related support while I was VP / Sr. Director of Admissions at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and again as VP National Admissions Training for The Art Institutes. Barron trained employees on how to service student support needs and in details related to the American Disabilities Act. Barron also provided excellent coaching and training on recruitment skills during many national new recruiter training programs. Barron successfully reached this audience sharing information in an understandable and even humorous manner. He was always prepared, and reinforced his training with reference material handouts." - Former VP Ai National Training and Compliance (EDMC)

"It’s a pleasure working with Barron! He has great segment ideas and gives great advice. He is also organized and well prepared for his TV appearances." - Cristi Kimmel, Director of Central PA Live


"As President of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Barron Whited was a trusted counselor of the college and was well respected by his colleagues as well as those students who needed his services. He was able to professionally assist these students through personal issues as well as to arrange accommodations for those students who had disabilities of any sort. Barron was a valued member of our team."
George Pry, President Emeritus of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh


“Working with Barron was always easy and enjoyable. He always came prepared and on time. He acts professionally and appears comfortable in typically stressful situations like being on live television.” - Dustin Williams, Former Floor Director for Central PA Live


“I have known Barron for over 17 years, both professionally and personally.  I am happy to endorse his skills.  As an Associate Director of Admissions, I had the opportunity to supervise Barron while he was employed at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  For three years, Barron worked as an Assistant Director of Admissions at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP).  His job encompassed more responsibility than a regular admissions counselor because of the size and scope of the school and job description. His excellent performance, his maturity, his self-confidence and his leadership abilities lead to the succuess of many students that he enrolled at AIP.  Barron is dedicated and hard-working; he is conscientious and willing to go the "extra mile" in his pursuit of excellence.  He works well as a team member and has the ability to make others feel comfortable.  Barron excelled at his job at AIP because he built excellent rapport with students, parents, faculty, staff and other college constitutes.  His is energetic and has a positive attitude toward work and life.  He is intelligent, creative, articulate and able to communicate effectively.  Barron is also skilled at problem solving and he has the ability to analyze information and come to a quick conclusion.  From my knowledge of Barron as a professional and friend, he is a great asset to any school. - Brandi Weber-Mortimer, Director of Graduate Admissions for Slippery Rock University 


"Barron Whited brings a unique brand of professional enthusiasm to every aspect of his work.  He's kind, compassionate and thorough in his work with students.  From a publicity and brand recognition standpoint, he's been a go-to expert for Pittsburgh Media with thoughtful tips for parents and students on adjusting to college life and transitioning into responsible adulthood.  He's well-spoken, poised in live interviews, and embraces each opportunity to represent his organization as a thoughtful leader." - Carrie Butler, Carrie On Communication


"Barron is a valued member of our professional community-always willing to step up, contribute, and collaborate with his colleagues. Barron has that rare gift of distilling complex college and school counseling topics into easy to understand language." - Laurel Barrette MAE, Director of School Counseling Programs/Academic Services Group for K12


"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Barron Whited for the past five years, whether he was a special presenter before joining the staff, and most recently as a colleague. Barron brings extraordinary talent to the School Counseling department at Agora Cyber Charter School and is a role model for his fellow School Counselors. Barron has grown exponentially and continues to thrive in everyday situations. Barron is someone who has a myriad of resources and an incredible sense of compassion and true talent. He continues to add to his School Counselor toolbox and I am so fortunate to work with Barron each and every day." - Jill Palme, 9th and 10th Grade Guidance Counselor Supervisor


"Working with Barron Whited was a joy! He always showed great passion in working with students. His integrity, professionalism and excellence of character combined with his personal warmth ensured that anyone working with him came away with nothing but the most positive experience. He is a highly organized, loyal individual and the type of person that you would be proud to have on any team. A true asset to any organization lucky enough to have him on board!" - Jennifer Ramey, President of The Art Institute of New York City.


Barron is a valued member of our professional community-always willing to step up, contribute, and collaborate with his colleagues. Barron has that rare gift of distilling complex college and school counseling topics into easy to understand language.  - Dr. Jenna Templeton-Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Chatham University.


"Barron Whited was a pleasure to supervise.  He is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to engage his students, keeping current with new counseling trends.  Barron is a true team player, always looking out for both his students and colleagues, and always with a smile on his face.  Barron is the epitome of the word professional and is an amazing asset to our team." - Erica Moser-11th/12th grade Lead School Counselor-Agora Cyber Charter School


"Mr. Whited’s extensive knowledge and experience in various realms of academia have made him an invaluable asset and resource for the work I am doing at DC Prep, the highest performing network of charter schools in Washington, D.C., and in my graduate work at George Mason University. He has faithfully offered sound, professional advice on any number of topics that I have inquired about, including tips for back to school time and advice for parents struggling to help their children meet the demands of the Common Core. I often transgress the plethora of resources available right here in the nation’s capital and approach Barron for advice with confidence, as he is an individual who continually takes on new challenges, actively seeks out opportunities for additional training and certifications, and independently studies to remain current on the ever changing landscape of education in the United States. His passion and dedication to the profession have largely contributed to his extensive skill set. I look forward to continuing our strong professional relationship as my students benefit from it as much as I do." - Michael Suppa, DC Preparatory Academy

"Mr. Whited is very effective at communicating educational and mental health issues in a way that parents and students can understand. He is an advocate for both students and the school counseling profession." - Dr. Kolbert, Duquesne University

"Mr. Whited is a very organized and committed educational professional. My experience working with him showed that he was a very student oriented counselor. Focusing on meeting student needs and providing the best educational opportunities for each student. Mr. Whited is also very knowledgeable concerning the structure of public schools and charter schools and was always helpful when working with administration." - Anonymous