Are you looking for an experienced, articulate, and polished educational professional to book for an upcoming TV educational segment or a special K-12 School presentation? Previous topics have included:

Advice for Bullying Prevention
Cyberbullying Prevention
New Year’s Resolution for Parents
SAT/ACT Advice
Tips for College Applications
Adjusting to College Life
Helping Grieving Students
Tips for School Safety
Back to School Advice
Tips for Incoming Freshmen
Helping Homesick College Freshmen
How to talk to kids about grades
How to make the most of summer vacation
Adjusting to Dorm Living
Advice for High School Graduates
Dealing with Test Anxiety
Coping with Senioritis
Exploring Election with kids

Feel free to fill out the form below or call me directly at 412-583-3200 to inquire about special topics, ideas, and/or check my availability. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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10/30/14 - Presenting a Bullying Prevention lesson at Saxton Elementary School
(Tussey Mountain School District)

PTA/PTSA: Most Outstanding Published Article